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Seven Ways To Up Your Winter Style Game

The latest drop from Mr P. is just what your wardrobe needs to weather out the cold

To all our readers in the northern hemisphere: we understand you may be feeling a little bit glum as of late, what with the dark, and the cold, and the wind and the rain. But chin up – though the end of the year does come with unpleasant atmospheric conditions, it also gives us carte blanche to wear as many shaggy sweaters and capacious coats as we please. And if you are looking for some additions in both those departments, you could do worse than look to the latest drop of product from MR PORTER’s in-house brand, Mr P., which has been designed largely for the purposes of affecting a stylish nonchalance during this challenging atmospheric period. Scroll down for the low-down on our favourite pieces from this much-welcome instalment.

01. The Oversized Coat

There’s something particularly comforting about a coat that’s cut slightly oversized. Not only does it fit more easily over whatever you decide to wear underneath, but the extra weight means the whole garment has a certain heft to it that’s deeply satisfying. Here is a chance to experience this truth for yourself: a roomy, Italian-made coat in 100 per cent merino wool, which comes with horn buttons and an appropriately enlarged check pattern.

02. Autumnal Colours

We perhaps don’t have to explain the appeal of a camel-coloured coat. As anyone who is currently re-watching Mr Martin Scorsese’s back catalogue will know, it’s a garment that looks good even if the person wearing it is doing despicable things. However, we’d urge you to take it one step further this winter and think about the broad spectrum of rich tones that, with a camel coat in your arsenal, become not just accessible, but highly advisable. Handily, most of these, from creamy off-white to a dark chocolate brown, feature in the sweater pictured above, a piece that is not only aesthetically but texturally pleasing thanks to the fuzzy feel of its wool and mohair-mix yarn.

03. The Go-To Trousers

Forget your thigh-hugging slim chinos and your baggy workwear pants, because we at MR PORTER have been working to create something that is a happy medium between the two, and here it is, a pair of flat-fronted wool slacks that are weighty enough to weather the winter but loose enough to make it look easy. That is all.

04. The Modern Arran Sweater

Think of this as an update on the type of traditional fisherman’s sweaters worn in colder parts of Northern Europe, the key difference here being not the light, creamy colour – which is very much in keeping with tradition – but the ingenious textured geometric pattern of the knit. Also, the provenance: while the Italians might not be so familiar with blizzards and raging winds, they do know how to make beautiful knitwear, and this piece is a case in point.

05. The Shearling Overcoat

Just take this in: a three-quarter length double-breasted coat in lamb shearling with wide, shawl-like lapels that will accentuate the chest and shoulders. Like this season’s wool overcoat, this has a pleasing, roomy cut to it meaning that, though you can certainly wear it with a fine wool polo shirt, as above, it will also happily slide on over chunky knitwear, too. The other appeal here is the comparatively low outlay: we don’t mind saying that this is among the most competitively priced shearlings on offer this season. Don’t expect it to remain in stock for long.

06. The Shearling Hoodie

Here’s another shearling offering, for those of you who don’t necessarily want to commit to the full-blown coat option, above. This jacket has an entirely different feel – you might think of it as an upscaled version of your favourite hooded track top, only with black suede on the outside and charcoal marl shearling on the inside. It’s completely reversible, too, so can be worn with the furry side outwards, should you so please. Here, we’ve paired it with a sport-inspired rollneck sweater, which comes with adjustable drawstrings at the neckline and a kangaroo pocket on the front for stowing chilly hands.


Mr P.’s Jacques boots, recognisable by their distinctive split-toe construction, have become something of a bestseller since the first shoe collection launched in 2018. But this month, we are offering them in a slightly more weather-appropriate configuration for the latter half of the year. In place of polished leather, these new boots come in waxed suede, which offers a certain amount of protection against rain and wind. The chunky commando soles provide both more grip and an extra defence against ground moisture and puddles.

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