The Brothers Who Are Redefining Travel

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The Brothers Who Are Redefining Travel

Words by Mr Randy Goldberg | Photography by Mr Joss McKinley | Styling by Mr Mac Huelster

25 February 2016

“The roots of the site are in how we were brought up… to learn, to be curious, to spend a lot of time outdoors, to ask questions”

Icecapped volcano Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland, 2010; its erruption that year closed airspace across much of Europe. Photograph by Lane Coder

The Hartman Brothers’ Top Five Explorers Club Members

Mr Roy Chapman Andrews, Mongolia, 1928. Photograph courtesy the AMNH Library, Image #411044

Aquanaut Ms Sylvia Earle, US Virgin Islands, July 1970. Photograph Press Association Images

American conservationist, photographer and taxidermist Mr Carl Akeley, Ethiopia, August 1896. Photograph by Field Museum Library/Getty Images

Portrait of Mr Peter Freuchen, c.1935. Photograph Bettmann/ Corbis

Mr Theodore Roosevelt, North Dakota, 1884-85. Photograph Everett Collection/REX Shutterstock