What To Wear For A Weekend Trip

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What To Wear For A Weekend Trip

Words by Mr Adam Welch

25 May 2016

Own the look this bank holiday.

Holiday season proper may still be a couple of months away (depending, of course, on how self-indulgent and jetset you are), but there’s no reason why you can’t indulge in a bit of snack-sized travel before then. Actually, taking a Friday off and hopping away for a long weekend is in many ways more relaxing than the giant haul of a two-week blow-out in Bali. You don’t have to worry about getting injections and mosquito spray, for one thing. You don’t have to spend two days crying into your fist while you try to get over your jet lag for another. But, ultimately, the best thing is that you don’t need to spend too long packing, so long as you’re smart about it. So here’s our advice: throw the below into a backpack (watch our guide on how to pack a backpack); add a couple of pairs of socks and boxers; forget all about it; enjoy yourself.

The seaside-y blue and white stripes of this shirt from Belgian designer Mr Dries Van Noten should help you get in the holiday frame of mind as soon as possible. This will look good worn by itself, or as an overshirt over a white T-shirt – which is the kind of versatility that really helps when you’re packing light.

Presuming you’re not weekending in Antarctica (or London), all you need for outerwear is a denim jacket, a garment that not only goes with almost anything, but is a little more resistant to creasing and folding in your bag, thanks to its sturdy fabric and welt-seamed construction. Wear it with a pair of chinos in a contrasting sand colour.

Some people, when preparing to fly, spend a considerable amount of time decanting miniscule quantities of shampoo and body wash into little bottles they’ve bought from Boots, so they don’t get told off by the woman who shouts “Liquids? Creams? Pastes?, Putties?” at the security gates. All we can say to that (with an exasperated sigh) is “Good for them”. You do not have to do this – Aesop has already done it for you. Pick up the brand’s travel-sized assortment (which comes in its own washbag) and make your getaway quick, for pity’s sake. The only thing we’d add is a moisturiser with SPF protection – you want to return from your jaunt looking refreshed and superior, not sandblasted and haggard.