What To Wear On Holiday

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What To Wear On Holiday

Words by Mr Stuart Husband

20 June 2016

The shirt, sunglasses and swim shorts you need to pack in your luggage this summer vacation.

Holidays are like reality TV shows: sooner or later, just about everybody goes on one. And unless you’re opting for something particularly niche – abseiling into all of Indonesia’s active volcanoes, say, or exploring Manchester’s Victorian sewer network – the chances are that you’re heading for somewhere with a little more sun, sand, and ocean than you’re normally exposed to, and you require the clothing and accessories to match the so-laid-back-it’s-horizontal ambience you’re anticipating. A revolutionary concept? No. Does that make the act of assembling a new holiday outfit any less gratifying? No. Scroll down to find a selection of pieces that aren’t so much for your Wish List as your wish-you-were-here list…

Aloha! Nothing says “holiday” like a coconut margarita, cool and creamy, with a splash of syrup, garnished with a refreshing lime wedge… mmm. What? Oh, sorry, yes, and a Hawaiian-inspired shirt like this camp-collar cotton number by Rag & Bone, printed with a pattern of frond-like foliage. Team it with some refined sandals, like this pair from Álvaro in vegetable-tanned leather, and settle in for a long, languorous afternoon at the nearest tiki bar.

When does a holiday really start? When you decide – well, why not? – to have a large sauvignon blanc with breakfast in the terminal building? When you’re stuck on the tarmac and prevented from “de-planing” by the late arrival of the jet bridge? No, a holiday really starts when you exit the airport into the blinding I-don’t-think-we’re-in-the-East-Midlands-any-more light and pull out your shades. And the exotica will only be enhanced if they happen to be these vintage-style Barton Perreiras. Add a classic straw Panama, such as this model from Loro Piana, and adjust your watch to Holiday Time.

“We will love the beach…/We will learn and teach,” sang the Village People in “Go West”. And who wouldn’t love the beach, or embrace the life aquatic, if they were equipped with these bright shorts from Isaia? As for learning and teaching, this vibrant towel from Frescobol Carioca, woven from pure linen, will provide an object lesson in bringing a little Copacabana va-va-voom to your shoreline set-up. Altogether now: “(Go West) Life is peaceful there/ (Go West) Lots of open air…”