mr Adam Brown

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Adam Brown - Men's Style Council Member

Mr Adam Brown, photographer and founder of lifestyle label Orlebar Brown, is a well-travelled man. He was born in Malaysia and spent his early childhood between Hong Kong and Japan. After returning to college to study photography, Mr Brown worked as a portrait photographer for magazines and corporate clients before he had the idea to create tailored swim shorts, while on holiday in Rajasthan in 2005. After completing a three-day start-your-own-business course, a one-week drawing course and 18-months’ research, Mr Brown launched the business from his spare room in early 2007, starting with just 1,000 pairs of shorts and a storage unit in west London. The rest, as they say, is history.


    Go somewhere different and do something completely different (possibly out of your comfort zone) every year.


    Salle Privée. Great quality, well-priced items we all need. Perfect for then shaking up and interpreting as you want. And Orlebar Brown of course!


    Pablo Picasso - lots of towelling, stripes and faded colours. Always dressed like he didn't really care but if you look closely suspect it was all quite carefully chosen.

  • BAG

    Rucksack - I walk wherever I can, so it is the only way.


    Anything by Aesop. It just feels right.....