Cliff’s Edge

Restaurant, Silver Lake, Los Angeles

Cliff’s Edge - Men's Style Council Place

Because Los Angeles maintains a year-round balminess, it tends to be a dine-inside city. The reason: air-con. We get it, of course, but we don’t always want to eat our lunch in a giant fridge. We like to feel a little warmth on our backs (unless we are, say, in the Mojave Desert), and in LA there is no better place to do that than in the shady garden groves of Cliff’s Edge in Silver Lake. Even the ancient tree around which everything is arranged seems to be welcoming guests with open arms. Certainly, the kitchen is in capable hands, those of chef Mr Michael Bryant, who serves mainly rustic European dishes with a touch of indigenous Cali ingredients. Expect things such as steak tartare with sea beans, grilled blow fish and calamari kung pao. Book ahead, mind. The secret’s out.

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Go for the crispy branzino with blistered shishito pepper, onion, chili vinaigrette and garlic.