Laurel Hardware Mezcal Bar

Bar, West Hollywood, Los Angeles

Laurel Hardware Mezcal Bar - Men's Style Council Place

This tiny and seriously stylish bar in the lobby of the hip Laurel Hardware in West Hollywood (it’s a restaurant, don’t rock up for a packet of wood screws) is as much a destination as its host. And really, we can’t stress it enough, it’s a looker – dusky and sultry with marbled floors, wraparound chairs in Loro Piana fabric and theatrical lighting. The spotlight is on mezcal, a trendy spirit in recent years, but here it is given maximum respect by the dedicated proprietors. They’re part-owners of a mezcal brand, but also give shelf space to an array of other outstanding producers as well as mixing it into seasonal craft cocktails (try the Night Manager, with Cynar, bourbon, cold-brew coffee, Fernet-Branca and thyme).

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