Polo Lounge Beverly Hills

Restaurant, Los Angeles

Polo Lounge Beverly Hills - Men's Style Council Place

Food fads come and go, but few have found footing in this classic restaurant inside the famous Beverly Hills Hotel. It’s more a place for celebrity-spotters than trend-chasers: star-studded since 1941, it’s served everyone from the Rat Pack to Ms Heidi Klum. That’s not to say the food’s an afterthought, however. Plates of elevated comfort food such as truffle lobster risotto and a stop-what-you’re doing wagyu burger are more than enough to draw your attention away from that famous person sitting in the corner.

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The Polo Lounge never, ever goes out of style. They keep the menu vaguely up to date with food trends but also serve the classics in a garden setting that is unrivalled in the city for ambiance and clientele. I used to always order a plate of steamed asparagus with black pepper and olive oil, off menu and never was questioned once. Their McCarthy Salad is a must as is the Tortilla Soup.

mr Alexander Lewis

I’m a fan of hotel lobbies, lounges and terraces. I’ve always been a fan of the Beverly Hills hotel polo lounge.

mr Mohammed Al Turki