Quinta Da Corte

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Quinta Da Corte - Men's Style Council Place

Situated a two hour drive from Porto, The Casa at Quinta Da Corte is situated amongst the rambling hills of the Douro Valley. Rooms are tastefully decorated with earthenware tiles, old-style windows with shutters and whitewashed walls, invoking a welcome feeling of calm – aided by breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Messrs Austruy and Yovanovitch have created a haven of homely comforts in their stylish eight-room boutique hotel. Personal touches are everywhere, including home-made jams with breakfast, honey from the chef's beekeeping husband and olive oil fresh from the olive groves surrounding the Casa.

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Went there for my birthday last November, the region is delightful, not overrun with tourists and the weather amazing in autumn. You get to devour the food of Porto and learn about the wine. Big plus, the hotel has been redone by Pierre Yovanovitch who’s amazing!

mr Constantin Bjerke
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