The Factory Kitchen

Restaurant, Downtown, Los Angeles

The Factory Kitchen - Men's Style Council Place

The name doesn’t tell you the whole story. This Downtown restaurant is housed in what used to be the loading bay of a multi-use building that was formerly a warehouse and fish-smoking facility. And happily, if carb loading is your MO, this is definitely the place to be. Because, if you ignore the industrial chic of the bare brick walls and concrete pillars, this is at its core a traditional trattoria, if somewhat elevated in execution. For such a new establishment, it packs some pedigree – chef Mr Angelo Auriana ran the kitchen at Valentino for 18 years. With them holding court in the open kitchen, you might not notice how slick the service is – food just appears – but you can’t help but admire the skill that goes into dishes such as the mandilli di seta (literal translation: silk handkerchief), while among the desserts, the cannoli would rival anything from Sicily.

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