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Café Victor

Restaurant, Copenhagen

Café Victor - Men's Style Council Place

What could be a relic of the yuppified 1980s is still very much a fixture of the Copenhagen eating scene, as much for the glamorous surroundings as the equally glitzy clientele – it remains a honeypot for the upper tiers of Danish culture and politics, and given the intimate settings, you could very literally be rubbing shoulders with them. The French-inspired fare is pretty classy, too. Gallic classics from mussels to duck are the dishes the menu hinges on, but don’t worry: this being Denmark, you can still order pickled herring.

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The see-and-be-seen café and restaurant near the Hotel d’Angleterre which has the feel of all the cool bars in Paris and London combined into one cosy little spot. Worth a visit for sure.

mr Alexander Lewis

I go for the art on the walls and the spice in their Bloody Mary. A traditional white glass ceiling, a genuine act of characters, and delicious food with a Danish slant. It’s super busy on the weekends.

mr Matthew Donaldson
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