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The Ides (at the Wythe Hotel)

Bar, Brooklyn, New York

The Ides (at the Wythe Hotel) - Men's Style Council Place

Occupying a prime shorefront position in a turn-of-the-century Williamsburg industrial building, Wythe Hotel is as hip a residence as you’ll find in New York. Which is why queues often form at the entrance to its top-floor bar, The Ides, but it’s also because the unobstructed sunset views over the city are nothing short of spectacular. Book a table on the open-air terrace or in the minimally stylish bar (which has helpfully massive windows), then settle in and order a strong cocktail and watch as the Chrysler Building, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building turn to silhouette and the sun reflects off the East River. Order the Bordello Glow – a strong and simple blend of bourbon, lemon and bitters – should see you through to darkness.

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The Wythe Hotel’s rooftop bar has the best view of the city.

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