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How To Earn A Second Income In 27 Days

October 2017Words by Mr Alfred Tong

Illustration by Mr Giordano Poloni

“Hustling” as a concept and word has an air of danger about it: the art of getting money by nefarious means. Every successful person in hip-hop claims to be a hustler of some sort. Jay-Z, for instance, used to speak about himself as a hustler first, rapper second.

Hip-hop, of course, is not a trade that offers most of us much in the way of job security, and so having a little something on the side makes sense. But then, in today’s economic climate, your day job probably isn’t that secure, either. It could be argued that having a “side hustle”, defined as a source of income separate to your full-time job, is the new job security. To survive in the precarious modern world of work, we all have to be hustlers now.

Thankfully, the writer and adventurer (he travelled to every country in the world by travel hacking), Mr Chris Guillebeau’s new book, Side Hustle, offers a step-by-step guide to launching a successful money-making scheme within 27 days. Mr Guillebeau, a New York Times bestselling author, who has never had a day job, says, ”A side hustle gives you the ability to decide. When you receive multiple paychecks from different sources, you are no longer dependent on the whims of a single employer. More income means more options. More options mean more freedom.”