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How To Keep Cosy (And Do Nothing)

January 2018Mr Porter

Earlier this week, we proffered a few tips on how you could upgrade your gym kit, for all the exercise you’ll be doing in a bid to stave off the existential anxiety January inevitably brings. But today, we’re covering how best to keep cosy. Which can be translated as: how to dress when it’s cold outside and you don’t want to do anything but sit inside, watch Netflix and, well, contrary to our previous instalment advice, avoid the gym. The best way to achieve such inactivity in style might be via some brand new items on MR PORTER. These three items have just landed in the last week or so, so don’t sleep on them. (But you may find that you fall asleep in them.)

Reigning Champ
Loopback Cotton-Jersey Hooded Robe
James Perse
Slim-Fit Tapered Baby Cashmere Sweatpants

There is something psychologically satisfying about slipping on this kind of robe. It is you telling yourself, and anyone you may come into contact with, that you are unequivocally winding down. In fact, you are almost totally wound down. The only conversation that can be had in a robe concerns tea, biscuits and television channels. Everything else is out of bounds. We like Canadian brand Reigning Champ’s version of the, what we would call in Britain, dressing gown. The deep pockets and hood make for ultimate cosiness. And the high tying belt gives it a slight Jedi feel (just us?). Use the force and pair it with some simple-yet-fancy cashmere sweatpants for maximum comfort.