Five Signs You’re A Travel Bore

May 2017Words by Mr Chris Elvidge

Illustration by Ms Anje Jager

Human beings, we are often told, do not thrive in isolation. No man is an island; it is only by looking beyond the boundaries of our own experience that we can expect to reach our true potential. This is why we travel. By temporarily abandoning the comfort and familiarity of our homes and becoming immersed in a strange new environment, we hope to discover something not just about the wider world, but about ourselves, too.

That’s the general idea, anyway. It rarely works out like this. Travel may broaden the mind, but it cannot broaden what is not there. It takes an open, inquisitive nature to fully reap the psychological benefits of travel; you only need look at the mammoth queues snaking out of guidebook-endorsed restaurants to realise that this is a virtue few travellers possess.

Ask yourself this question: are you one of those awful people? Do you see travel as a checklist of places to visit before you die, rather than a way of improving yourself while you are alive? With the summer holiday season fast approaching, we thought it timely to address this issue by collecting the five most common symptoms of the obnoxious traveller. Read on, and be ashamed.