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Privacy Policy: MR PORTER

Effective Date: 28th November 2023

Revisions: update of the information on the non-processing of personal information of minors and on the method and procedure for refusing the transfer of personal information and the effect of such refusal

Welcome to the MR PORTER website.

At MR PORTER we are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. This notice describes what personal data we collect, how we will use that data and how we keep your data safe.

For additional information on how we use cookies please refer to our Cookie Policy. For all other information regarding our services, please refer to our Terms & Conditions. If you have a question that is not answered here, or if you would like more information about how we collect, use and store your personal information, you can contact us at any time by emailing or calling +44 330 022 5705.

1. Who is the data controller?

The data controllers for any personal information we hold about you are THE NET‑A‑PORTER GROUP LIMITED of 1 The Village Offices, Westfield London, Ariel Way, London, W12 7GF, United Kingdom and our parent company, YOOX NET‑A‑PORTER GROUP S.p.A. of Via Morimondo 17, 20143 Milan, Italy, a company with sole shareholder subject to direction and coordination by Compagnie Financière Richemont S.A. (“we”, “us”, “our”).

We are responsible for ensuring that your data is held securely, that you are given accurate information about how your data is used, and that your rights regarding your data are respected. We do not process personal information relating to minors. By accessing, browsing, or using this site and/or its services, you represent and warrant that you are at least eighteen (18) years of age.

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions  for more information. Please also read our Registration & Account Terms and Conditions which apply to you when you register for an account on our website or App.

2. What personal information do we collect?

We collect information from you when you visit our website or while using our associated apps (“websites and Apps”). The data we collect includes your name, email address, telephone number and shipping/billing address, your day and month of birth, your favourite designers and information regarding your browsing and shopping behaviour. Information is collected when you place an order, call our Customer Care team, register with us, opt in to our marketing communications, browse our site and use other services offered by our site. The information we collect is used to take your order, process payment and deliver your purchase to you. We also use it to deliver marketing communications, give access to services for registered users, personalise your visit to our site and provide assistance via our Customer Care team.

We must have a valid reason for processing your personal information and we may not collect, store or use data about you that is not compatible with that reason. There are four valid reasons for our use of your personal information: Performance of a Contract, our Legitimate Interests as a business, a Legal Obligation we are required to follow and Consent which you provide to us.

If you have given your consent to our use of your personal information, you are entitled to withdraw this consent at any time.

To know more about what information we process and for what purposes please read paragraph “How and For how long your personal information may be used” below.

3.How and For how long your personal information may be used?

Whenever you give us your personal information, we will use it in accordance with applicable privacy laws and for the purposes set out below. We keep your personal information for a limited period of time, depending on the purpose for which it was collected, at the end of which your personal information will be deleted or otherwise rendered anonymous in an irreversible way.

Your information is stored in compliance with the terms and criteria specified here (click for further details).

4. Who will process your personal information?

Your personal information will be processed by the internal staff of THE NET‑A‑PORTER GROUP LIMITED and YOOX NET‑A‑PORTER GROUP S.p.A who have been specifically trained and authorized for this processing. In carrying out the processing, the data may also be transmitted to companies belonging to YOOX NET A PORTER GROUP.

Your personal information will also be transmitted to third parties that we use to provide our services; these parties have been rigorously assessed and offer a guarantee of compliance with the legislation on the processing of personal data. These parties have been designated as data processors and carry out their activities according to the instructions given by THE NET‑A‑PORTER GROUP LIMITED and YOOX NET‑A‑PORTER GROUP S.p.A and under our control.

The third parties in question belong to the following categories: banking operators, internet providers, companies specialising in IT and telematics services; couriers; companies that carry out marketing activities, including social media organisations; companies or our partners organizing special events for  MRPORTER customers that may be of interest to you; companies specialising in market research and data processing; companies offering contact centre services; companies providing publishing and distribution services or internet advertising (personalised internet advertising services) will be supplied by Criteo S.A. (‘Criteo’) in several jurisdictions (further information on the data processed by Criteo is available at: ). Please read Criteo's Privacy policy carefully, as well as other useful information on data processing available here: If you would prefer not to see personalised internet advertisement of our website and/or products sold thereon provided by Criteo any longer, you may disable Criteo services at any time by following one of the procedures in paragraph “Your Rights” below).

Furthermore, when you participate in a prize giveaway/contest to which we are a partner or provider, we may transfer some of your data (i.e. order number) to companies assisting us in identifying a winner in accordance with the prize giveaway/contest rules and/or share it with the partner(s) or provider(s) to this prize giveaway/contest for the sole purposes related thereto. Such parties are subject to the same requirements on data protection compliance as the third parties that we use to provide our services specified above.

Under some circumstances we may be required to disclose or share your data without your consent, for example if we are required by the police, the courts or for other legal reasons. Your data may be transmitted to the police, judicial and administrative authorities, in accordance with the law, for the investigation and prosecution of crimes, the prevention of and protection from threats to public security, to allow us to ascertain, exercise or defend a right in court, as well as for other reasons related to the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.

We may also transfer your personal data to a buyer or potential buyer in the event that our assets are acquired by another organisation. The purchaser will be required by law to use your personal data only as described in this Privacy Policy.

5. Data transfer outside the European Union

Some of the third parties listed in the previous paragraph 'Who will process your data?' may be located in countries outside the European Union that nevertheless offer an adequate level of data protection, as established by specific decisions of the European Commission (

The transfer of your personal data to countries that do not belong to the European Union and that have not been assessed as offering adequate levels of protection will be performed only:

I. after the completion between us and said parties of specific agreements containing safeguard clauses and appropriate guarantees for the protection of your personal data (known as "standard contractual clauses" and approved by the European Commission), or

II. if the transfer is necessary for the completion and execution of a contract between you and THE NET‑A‑PORTER GROUP LIMITED or YOOX NET‑A‑PORTER GROUP S.p.A. (for the purchase of goods offered on our website, for registration on the website or App or use of services on the website), or

III. for the management of your requests or fulfilment of a legal obligation.

6. Overseas Transfer of Personal Information of Korean Users

THE NET‑A‑PORTER GROUP LIMITED and YOOX NET‑A‑PORTER GROUP S.p.A. are UK- and Italy- based companies established outside of Korea, and if you use the website and Apps, your personal information will be collected and stored outside of Korea as specified here  (click for further details).

If you do not wish your personal information to be processed outside of Korea, do not access, browse or use this site and/or its services.

7. Your rights

At any time you can exercise the rights with reference to the specific processing of your personal information by us. Find below their general description and how to practice them.

 a) Access your information and modify it: you have the right to access your personal information and to request that they be correct, modified or integrated with other data. If you wish, we will provide you with a copy of your information in our possession. In case the users request the correction or deletion of errors in their personal information, the data controllers cannot use or provide the personal information until the correction or deletion is completed;

 b) Revoke your consent: You can revoke at any time a consent you have given for the processing of your personal information in relation to any activity for marketing purposes. In this regard, we remind you that marketing activities are considered the sending of commercial and promotional communications, the conduct of market research and surveys for the detection of satisfaction for the customization of the website and App and commercial offers according to your interests. You have the right to withdraw such consent at any time by calling our Customer Care team or clicking "unsubscribe" on a marketing email. Alternatively, you can sign into your account on and update your requirements in our Email Preference Centre. Upon receipt of your request, we will promptly cease the processing your personal information based on this consent, while different processing or based on other conditions will continue to be carried out in full compliance with the provisions in force. You may receive a small number of further communications immediately after unsubscribing but we will implement your request as quickly as possible.

c) Opposing the processing of your information: You have the right to object at any time to the processing of your personal information on the basis of our legitimate interest, explaining the reasons that justify your request; before accepting it, we will have to assess the reasons for your request.

 d) Delete your information: In the cases provided for by current legislation you can request the deletion of your personal information. Upon receipt and assessment of your request and, if legitimate, it will be our care to cease timely processing and delete your personal information. 

e) Request that the processing of your personal information is limited. In this case, if you are a Korean resident, unless it is subject to your different request and the exceptions established by applicable laws, processing of your personal information will be limited in accordance with art. 37 of the Personal Information Protection Act.

 f) Request your data or transfer it to a person other than us ("right to data portability"). You may request to receive your information that we process based on your consent or on the basis of a contract with you in a standard format. If you wish, and where technically possible, we can, upon request, transfer your data directly to a third party of your choice. In relation to the rights granted to the Korean residents under Personal Information Protection Act (para a), d), e) above) it is possible to exercise such through their legal representatives or agents acting on their behalf. In this case, they shall submit a power of attorney following Form 11 of the Enforcement Rule of the Personal Information Protection Act.

To exercise any of these rights, you can sign in to your account, contact our Customer Care team at or +44 330 022 5705 or write to our Data Protection Officer (DPO) by writing to "Data Protection Officer" at one of the addresses below, or by email to the DPO address (

Data Protection Officer (DPO) THE NET‑A‑PORTER GROUP LIMITED, 1 The Village Offices, Westfield London, Ariel Way, London, W12 7GF, UK. 

Data Protection Officer (DPO) YOOX NET‑A‑PORTER S.p.A, Via Morimondo 17, 20143 Milan, ITALY. In order to ensure that the data of our users is not infringed or illegitimately used by third parties, we will request you for some information to be sure of your identity before accepting your request to exercise one of the rights indicated.

If you would prefer not to see personalised internet advertisement of our website or App and/or products sold thereon provided by Criteo any longer, you may at any time disable Criteo services by following one of the procedures below:

To deactivate push notifications, depending on the platform and/or browser used, follow the steps listed below:

  • Desktop: Right-click on notification > disable notifications from
  • Mobile: Access the notification center > Site parameters > Notifications > Block notifications from
  • Common browsers:
  • Chrome: Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Privacy – Content Settings > Notifications - Manage exceptions > Enter www. mrporter and select “Block”
  • Firefox: Options > Content > Notifications – Select > www. – “Block”
  • Safari: Preferences > Notifications > From here select "Deny"

We do not process personal information relating to minors. By accessing, browsing or using this site and/or its services, you represent and warrant that you are at least eighteen (18) years of age.

8. Security

We protect your personal information with specific technical and organisational security measures aimed at preventing your personal data from being used illegitimately or fraudulently.

In particular, we use security measures that guarantee: pseudonymisation or encryption of your data; the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data as well as the resilience of the systems and services that process them; the ability to restore data in the event of a data breach. Furthermore, we undertake to test, verify and regularly evaluate the effectiveness of technical and organizational measures in order to guarantee continuous improvement in the safety of processing.

9. Complaints

If you believe that we are processing your personal information in contravention of the Law, you can file a complaint with the supervisory authority responsible for compliance with the rules on personal data protection.

In the UK, the complaint can be presented to the ICO. More information on how to complain is available on the ICO's website at According to the Law to which the Controller YOOX NET‑A‑PORTER GROUP S.p.A. is subject, you can also contact the Italian Data Protection Authority. More information is available on the website of the Garante Privacy, at

10. Changes to this notice

We keep our Privacy Policy under regular review in order to reflect changes in our services and in privacy regulation. This Privacy Policy was last updated on 28 November 2023 .

11. Legislative references and useful links