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The Designers

The Designers

Meet The Designers


Saif Ud Deen

Mr Saif Ud Deen was born and raised in Levenshulme, a district of south Manchester. He studied menswear design, and at 23 he’s the youngest of the MR PORTER FUTURES candidates. A third-generation British Pakistani and practising Muslim, his designs are inspired by his local community and incorporate elements of streetwear and traditional Islamic attire. He describes his collection concept as “an autobiography of sorts, a culmination of my own experiences and how faith and fashion intertwine with the urban environment.”


Messrs Ryan Edmonds and Julian Canda

The only design duo among the MR PORTER FUTURES finalists, Messrs Julian Canda and Ryan Edmonds hail from the Portland area of Oregon but met while they were both working in New York City. They followed different educational paths – Ryan studied apparel design while Julian studied business and marketing – but connected over a shared outlook on fashion that promotes craftsmanship, natural materials and slow, purposeful design. Their collection concept focuses on the garden as a metaphor for our individual selves: “Like a gardener, we must tend to and nurture our own gardens by providing nourishment at the source of the structure: the mind,” they say.


Ms Kat Tua

Born and raised in a small town on New Zealand’s North Island, Ms Kat Tua moved to Sydney to pursue a career in fashion and spent 10 years working for a number of retailers before quitting her job last year in order to launch her own brand. TUA is inspired by Kat’s exploration of her Maori heritage, and its first collection – “Past, Present and Future” – includes references to the Polynesian Panther Party, a social justice organisation, which protested against racial discrimination in the 1970s and 1980s, and a concert held in Auckland by Mr Bob Marley in 1979.