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Three Iconic Restaurants Rebooted For 2018

January 2018Words by Ms Heather Taylor

Kettner’s Townhouse. Photograph courtesy of Soho House

The London restaurant scene can be a fickle business. Diners are prepared to queue for hours to try the cult dishes cluttering up Instagram feeds at the city’s latest openings, but when the hype simmers down, many establishments fail to maintain customers’ interest. More than 280 restaurants opened in the capital in 2017, but the number of closures has never been higher. It is difficult to survive in a volatile market, which makes the restaurants that have operated successfully for decades (and, in some cases, centuries), all the more impressive. Some stalwarts have seen off recessions, world wars and countless fleeting food trends. The best in the business are masters of reinvention, managing to remain relevant without losing their charm. Below, we look at three classic restaurants that have recently reopened after a refurbishment with exciting new chefs on board.

The Square