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Looking good on the outside doesn’t count for much if you don’t feel good on the inside, too. That’s why we founded MR PORTER Health In Mind, an initiative dedicated to helping men lead happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives. One of the biggest challenges we face is normalising conversations on mental health – or, to put it simply, talking to each other about how we’re feeling. It’s why we remain committed to raising awareness around physical and mental health via regular content in The Journal (see below), and why we’re raising money for men’s mental and physical health initiatives through the MR PORTER Health In Mind Fund, powered by our charity partner, The Movember Foundation. To support this cause, please click the “Donate Now” button to be redirected to the donation page on

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MR PORTER Health In Mind

Our limited-edition trio of Rapha x MR PORTER Health In Mind cycling jerseys

Why It’s OK To Feel Socially Anxious

Our resident coach Mr David Waters suggests ways to safely navigate our new normal

Staff Picks: The Friends Who Mean The Most To Us

To mark World Mental Health Day, the MR PORTER team open up about the friends who have been most important in their lives

How To Cope While Fighting A Pandemic

MR PORTER presents the personal stories of five frontline health workers from across the world

33 Ways To Be A Better Friend

In collaboration with Movember, how can we connect with our nearest and dearest when things are tough?

Messrs Eugene Tong And Josh Peskowitz On “Being In It Together”

To kick off our #TIMEwithHIM campaign, the stylist and editor on the importance of having someone you can trust, no matter what

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The Tribes: The Types Of Friend Every Man Has

Teammates, wingmen and partners in crime… Our field-spotter’s guide to your best amigos

Is Biohacking The New Eating Disorder for Men?

Intermittent fasting, chicken breast for dinner every day, absolutely no sugar – how far will men go for “wellness” and when is it too far?

The Meditative Power Of Learning A Second Language

MR PORTER’s Deputy Editor discovers the mind-opening, stress-relieving power of learning Japanese

Mindful Movement: Trail Running Is Like Running, But Fun

Mr Ryan Willms explains the benefits and the essential techniques of trail running

“Riding A Bike Didn’t Help Me, But The People I Met Riding Did”

How the friendships forged through cycling helped to pull this man back from the brink – and how Rapha is supporting our Health In Mind initiative

MR PORTER Health In Mind X Rapha

Riding alongside cycling lifestyle brand Rapha and men’s mental and physical health initiative Movember, plus the story behind the three exclusive jerseys

OK, Why Are We All Having Such Weird Dreams Right Now?

MR PORTER’s resident life coach explains why 2020 has been affecting our sleep – and what can be done about it

Why We Need To Talk About Male Sexual Abuse (And How To Support Survivors)

The myths and misunderstandings surrounding male sexual abuse and advice on helping survivors move from shame to healing

How To Talk Politics In 2020 (And Still Remain Friends)

We discuss how to navigate tricky topics of conversation – from Brexit to Mr Donald Trump to climate change – with your friends without falling out

Turns Out There’s No Such Thing As Fearlessness

What do penalty takers and public speakers have in common? They know how to control fear

Why Some Men Avoid Wearing A Face Mask

Our resident life coach Mr David Waters talks masks and masculinity – and how the experience of one client helped him to see things differently

Why Do I Keep Rewatching The Same TV Shows?

We spoke to some experts about uncertainty, anxiety and whether a Friends rerun can help you through it


Active Recovery Is The Secret To Becoming Fitter, Faster

Mr Ryan Willms explains how adding a few simple, low-intensity exercises to your regimen can make you fitter, faster

Yes, New Dads Get Post-Natal Depression, Too

Clinical psychologist Dr Bronwyn Leigh on the hidden dangers of depression and anxiety in new dads

The MR PORTER Guide To A Better Day: 41 Tips To Get You Started

Our new book is a beautiful compendium of expert advice on style, grooming, work, rest and play. Profits will be going to our Health In Mind fund 

The Emotional Impact Of Racism, And How To Be An Ally

We’ve spoken to a panel of experts in conflict resolution and racial issues to gather a set of helpful strategies

How To Cope With Hypochondria

Here are a few tips on how to fight the fear of illness, from someone who knows about health anxiety


Fatherhood Isn’t The Only Way To Leave Your Mark On The World

MR PORTER’s resident life coach Mr David Waters challenges the taboo of choosing not to have kids

The Value Of Volunteering

There’s a connection between our own wellbeing and doing good, especially in difficult times

Kindness Beyond The Pandemic

Perhaps the best thing to come out of our isolation is learning to look out for each other again

How To Burst The Isolation Bubble And Start Reconnecting

Life coach Mr David Waters explains how we can carry meaningful connections into our professional lives

Will Lockdown Make Us Better People?

It takes a health scare to realise what’s important. Could the coronavirus crisis change society for the better?

How To Stave Off Loneliness And Embrace Solitude Instead

Mental health experts share how to combat loneliness during lockdown

How To Turn A Midlife Crisis Into A Learning Opportunity

Why a midlife crisis might just turn out to be the best thing to ever happen to you

Four Easy Ways To Introduce A Kettlebell To Your Workout

Previously used to weigh grains in 18th-century Russia, here’s why kettlebells are now among the most effective gym tools

How To Get Through Isolation With Your Relationship Intact

For couples who are nervous about isolating ad infinitum with their partner, we talked to two counsellors about how to keep it together

Why Rock Stacking Is A Mindful Alternative To Leg Day

Mr Ryan Willms explains how the simple practice of rock stacking is a workout for body and mind

How To Be Kind To Yourself

Kindness starts at home. Here are five ways to practice effective self-care

The Power Of Endorphins

MR PORTER’s resident life coach Mr David Waters on the link between fitness and happiness

How To Reach Out

Lost touch with family or friends? Read MR PORTER’s guide on how to bridge the gap

Why You Should Have The “Money Talk”

MR PORTER’s life coach Mr David Waters on the hidden meaning of money – and why honesty is the best policy

How To Embrace Singledom

We often equate singledom with romantic failure. But what if being single is a perfectly valuable end in itself?

Zen And The Art Of Fly Fishing

In southwestern Montana, one man finds meditation in the fast-moving waters of the Bitterroot River

How To Embrace Solitude

On Valentine’s Day or any day, here’s how to find comfort in your own company

The Ultimate Three-Step Travel Workout

Mr Ryan Willms’ simple workouts will allow you can exercise on the go, you now have no excuse

How Elite Athletes Deal With Failure

High-performance sports psychologist Dr Michael Gervais explains how to succeed against the odds

Can Job Loss Be An Opportunity?

Every end is a beginning. Every crisis, an opportunity. MR PORTER’s life coach Mr David Waters on the road ahead

What To Do When You Lose Your Job

It’s the stuff of nightmares. But with the right attitude, job loss can be an opportunity

Is Your Bucket List A Burden?

Spoiler alert: your life won’t go to plan. But that’s OK, says MR PORTER’s resident life coach

Why You Need A Swiss Ball In Your Workout

Mr Ryan Willms explains why and how you should embed the Swiss ball in your workout regimens

Why It’s Important To Find Meaning In Your Work

Identifying your professional purpose is a good way to find yourself, says life coach Mr David Waters

Don’t Take Your Dad To Work Today

Our resident life coach Mr David Waters on why you shouldn’t let your upbringing influence you in your work

Why No One Can Keep Up With Mr Eric Nam

K-pop Mr Eric Nam on his life, his career and his new album Before We Begin, and how he made it to the top

Tees That Make Us Happy

We asked a few of fashion’s friendliest men (and some of their kids) to design a T-shirt in support of MR PORTER Health In Mind. Here are their creations

How To Love Your Job

Work your way towards (emotionally) gainful employment

Four Exercises To Build Calm Into Your Workout

Why breathing and deliberate movement can help you build a different kind of energy in your daily exercise

The Coach: Why Good Leaders Are Self-Aware

Psychotherapist Mr David Waters shares the surprising secret to strong leadership

A Day In The Life Of Zen LA Creative Mr William Fowler

How Headspace’s head of programming finds happiness in routine, deep breathing and his Topanga Canyon hideaway

Mindful Movement: Four Ways To Run Better

Whether you’re sprinting or training for a marathon, here’s how to move with purpose

Meet The Men Making Fashion More Friendly

To mark the launch of MR PORTER Health In Mind, we ask a few friends in the fashion industry to explain what bonds them together

The Expert Opinion: Why Friendship Matters

Psychotherapist Mr David Waters uses real-life stories to give you the tools to get the most out of life

How To Talk To Your Friends About Your Problems

Five ways to move your conversation beyond banter

London’s Coolest Cricket Club

The Bloody Lads cricket team talks brotherhood – and how to lose in style

The Fitness Gurus To Follow Now

Swipe right for the Insta-savvy men to get you into shape

How To Deal With Conflict

Five strategies for handling difficult situations with grace

How To Always Get A Good Night’s Sleep

The experts give us the low-down on how to get the best shut-eye possible

How To Break Up Gracefully

An expert’s guide to taking the stress (and mess) out of ending a relationship

How To Switch Off On Vacation

Five sure-fire strategies for rest and relaxation

17 Ways Not To Get Sick

Doctor Mike’s top tips for armour-plating your immune system to beat the dreaded man-flu and other ailments